The Grand
Initiative for Homes

98k quality, affordable homes for the Netherlands

By 2030, up to 3 billion people will need a new home (source: WBG/UN). This translates to a staggering demand for 500 million homes globally, at an average of six people per dwelling. Even in Western countries the shortage is evident, with the Netherlands alone needing 980,000 more homes in six years.

Starting in The Netherlands, The Grand Initiative for Homes aims to coordinate the realization of at least 10% of demand through sustainable collaboration, scalable mass production and digitalization. A well-coordinated supply-chain structurally increases the output, turning this challenge into a unique opportunity to scale.

Crowd-development platform – housing in a new way

Through professional collaboration and partnerships, The Grand Initiative for Homes is establishing a crowd-development platform, new online service for future homeowners and all stakeholders. It unburdens individuals and groups of future homeowners, providing abundant opportunities to cocreate their living environments.

The entire process from idea to realization will become transparant, efficient and scalable, greatly benefiting consumers from collective purchasing of plots, services, and modules offered by respectfully cooperating partners.

Focal points:

  • Gathering relevant information on locations, budget and living preferences:
    Empowered with this data, instant pairing of suitable locations with potential crowd-developers gets the projects started.
  • Profit-sharing for landowners and crowd-developers:
    Mutually beneficial plot deals on multiple sites result in project pipelines for building applications and make the upcoming production foreseeable.
  • Designing buildings for consent:
    Parametric engineering, and Virtual Reality design enhance the decision-making process for all stakeholders and provide broad support for new living environments required to secure consent.
  • Scaling up mass-production, logistics and on-site assembly:
    Mass-production of building components and engaging in on-site assembly of eco-buildings, with game-changing innovations in circular building materials, result in significant time and cost savings.
  • Providing collective mortgages, insurance, and services:
    Innovation, cocreation and collective purchase reduce the cost-of-living by ~25%, making enhanced livability attainable for crowd-developers.

Changemakers - transforming the future of housing

Collaborating within a crowd-development ecosystem brings amazing advantages, where success of each is adding to the success of a group working in synergy. The platform brings all parties to one virtual round table for smooth cooperation and greater transparency, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Partnerships with qualified firms further enhance delivery at scale and create a strong coalition for change, with the capacity to expand the Initiative into other housing markets.

The summer of 2024 is the target to present the Initiative to the public and start welcoming consumers on the platform.

Get in touch to find out how your organization can participate.

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