How does the Vital Future Group model work?

Vital Future Group has created a win-win model to solve the global housing crisis: an ultra-scalable and sustainable solution that can supply the millions of homes to meet the global demand.

We match the abundant supply of land, expertise and know-how with the urgent need for homes, and unite all parties around a shared goal. We bring together all key partners of the value chain – from landowners and residents to suppliers, finance and governments, and arrange all planning and licensing required.

What makes your model so scalable?

Cooperation between all players in the value chain makes it possible to exponentially accelerate the pace, so the world builds at the speed it needs. With our game-changing model, unlimited projects can run in parallel worldwide.

Our plug-and-play approach to construction maximises scalability. Thanks to a standardised modular building solution, and materials produced in transportable containers on-site, our process has considerable time and cost saving potential compared to conventional construction. A quality property can be built in just 30 days, versus the average 300 now.

How is the Vital model different from traditional homebuilding?

We are setting a new standard where the new house owner comes first. We minimise financial risks and lets all stakeholders share fairly in the profits, so that the whole value chain benefits – and not just a select few.

How does the digital platform work?

Our data-driven, easy-to-use digital platform facilitates the whole value chain, to work efficiently together. The platform unites all key players in the value chain – from landowners and residents to suppliers, finance and governments. It then arranges all planning and licensing required, fast-tracking permissions and facilitating payments via an escrow system.

Consumers use the platform to design an affordable, quality home in an attractive location of their choice, guided through an intuitive modular process as simple as booking a holiday online.

How does Vital Future Group create value?

This is a transparent solution to generate the broad-based value and trust. It incentivises doing good for people and planet. Our model offers unprecedented, yet perfectly predictable returns and value creation for investors.

To accelerate growth, two-thirds of the share capital will benefit Vital foundations. These foundations will invest in generating more opportunities to create inclusive, sustainable and positive impact for communities thus enabling a virtuous cycle of value and growth.