Vital Future Group all began with the vision of founder Tom Geraets. Tom saw that the building sector was plagued by structural issues that made it unable to meet the huge global need for homes. He realised that the sector’s current model prevented it from meeting the demands of people who need homes, with a value chain that hampers rather than enables. Conscious of the importance of safe, quality housing and its impact on people’s lives, Tom set out to change the game through a radical new approach to the entire process of sustainable area development and building.

By rethinking the rules of the game and leveraging disruptive technology, Vital Future Group is creating a win-win model that generates broad-based value and incentivises doing good for people and planet. We are setting a new standard that limits financial risks and lets all stakeholders share fairly in the profits. An ultra-scalable and sustainable system that can supply the vast number of homes the world is crying out for.