Vital Future Group is solving the global housing crisis by matching the abundant supply of land, expertise and know-how with the demand for homes. Our solution brings together and empowers all players in the value chain – from landowners and residents to suppliers, financiers and governments. We arrange all steps and services required, from permits and financing to production, construction, services and maintenance. This collaborative, equitable approach enables us to exponentially accelerate the pace and to fairly spread the benefits.

Global scan

We use sophisticated data to scan the world and find the locations where we can add the most value. We build a pipeline of home-building projects that can run in parallel throughout the world.

Digital platform

We quickly and efficiently match housing supply and demand in the area. Our scalable digital platform, as the go-to-place for all home-related needs, gives businesses direct access to communities. It offers services that are life stage-driven, empowering people to live a better life.

People power

Consumers design an affordable, quality home in an attractive location of their choice. Our digital platform’s intuitive set-up makes the process as simple as booking a holiday online.

Automated expertise

Architectural drawings, static and dynamic calculations, environmental impact reports needed for building permits… all this and more is automatically generated on our platform, cutting through complexity and reducing time in the process.

Faster process

Once construction starts, our plug-and-play, modular approach maximises scalability and speed. Our innovative process is up to 84% faster than conventional construction, with a significantly lower carbon footprint.

Nurturing communities

We tangibly nurture communities and drive social value initiatives by facilitating and optimising vital infrastructure links, transport networks, and amenities like schools, libraries and cinemas. Vital areas are highly liveable, greener and healthier, inclusive and sustainable.