By investing in the future of high-quality, affordable housing across the globe, you help us springboard our game-changing solution and unlock an unprecedented market opportunity. We welcome investors and partners who share our vision.

Global opportunity

Our game-changing solution to the housing crisis offers a unique global proposition and an almost unlimited market opportunity.

Value creation

Our model offers unprecedented value creation, with convertible value created at concrete milestones. Investment immediately translates into recoverable and appreciating assets.

Impact investment

Our innovative technology proposition is a unique impact investment in people, planet and profit. It meets the most stringent ESG criteria and enables people to develop and maximise their life chances.

Virtuous circle

By providing additional liquidity, you help drive a virtuous circle of success. The more building schemes that are up and running, the faster the pace of value creation.

Portfolio diversifier

Investing in Vital Future Group is a great diversifying addition for any portfolio, in both geographical and sectoral terms. There’s strong growth potential and little risk.

Business model

Our income is based on profit-share on the value increase of land, optimised productivity throughout the entire process from idea to delivery of buildings, and transactions via our digital platform.