There has to be a better way. We only have to find it.

That’s the way our founder Tom Geraets observes and acts. He has worked on many projects and businesses: reviving a desert, rethinking software development, preserving rainforest and developing living areas. Now, it all comes together. If you put your energy into something, it better be to solve the biggest issues.


Working on the biggest issues: inequality and climate change. Conscious of the importance of safe, quality housing and its impact that has on people’s lives, affordable healthy housing is key to fighting inequality.  Solving this challenge has been driving Tom’s curiosity for over a decade, to find, rethink or create the ideal approach, together with frontrunners, inventors, think tanks and experts from various backgrounds.

There has to be a way ....

• To create abundant clean energy
• To develop cleantech solutions for infra and utilities
• For data driven engineering and virtual reality area development
• To build high quality affordable eco-buildings